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Magnetic Roof Sign. Taxi Light. Taxi Sign. Taxi Lamp.

Our company "TAXIBOX" - #1 manufacturer in Russia and Eastern Europe.
 Taxi lights for real taxi drivers here! 

Taxi top lights or roof signs.
You need a taxi, don't you? What taxi subject pays your attention on the city street traffic flow? Naturally, the taxi light which is the most taxi recognizable element. Moreover, the taxi light is the suitable place for your company logo displaying. Taxi sign allows to detail your company among others. We have 8 years experience and we can notice the taxi roof signs are important and at the same time reasonable facility in competition.
People see you, people identify you, people like you!

Wide taxi lamp range.
Taxi lights for taxi service is the main product of Taxibox's vacuum-forming. Modern plastic materials and contemporary technology (light-emitting diode) are used in taxi lamp processing. We are able to design an exlusive models for your taxi company. All models have the all-purpose platforms, LED illuminated of the internal taxi lights volume. Taxibox's magnetic fixing permits easy taxi roof sign installation and removal. Taxibox magnetic fixing does not trouble your car roof.
Be noticeable, be recognizable, be prosperous!

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Strong Magnets.
We use strong neodymium magnets for our roof signs. A special magnetic system of neodymium magnets in plastic housing with protective cap do not damage the car's paint.

Guaranteed best price in the World!

The largest range in the world! More than 200 models!

Taxi light boxes

Advertising Taxi Light Box

Driving School or Instructor Roof Sign

Fixed roof taxi lights

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